Start the Day the Right Way

Start the Day the Right Way

Spring has finally sprung and what a great time to take a fresh approach to our diets, and as it’s the first meal of the day, breakfast is a fabulous place to start.

Starting the day well with foods which are filling and healthy may help us with our food choices throughout the day. Whatever time you eat breakfast, make the first thing you have healthy, nutritious and not sugar laden.

Why no to sugar? - Cereals with a high sugar content can often lead to poor choices later in the day as our natural blood sugars rise and then dip and we reach for that quick snack fix.

Top tips for a great breakfast

Fuller for longer
Having foods that keep us fuller for longer and release their nutrients and energy slowly have a positive impact on our general health and can aid in the battle with weight loss. Ideally a combination of wholegrain and protein should help to keep us full till lunch!

  • Try our super easy granola recipe below – this is packed full of oats and seeds. Tasty and nutrient dense with healthy heart promoting qualities and energy producing vitamin B1. Serve it with natural low fat yoghurt and topped with fresh berries. It is also really good mixed with our naturally light…try it and see.
  • Porridge made with oats, water or milk is an excellent slow release breakfast. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to add flavour and kick start your digestive system!Rich in fibre, protein and super nutrients, it is the ‘go for’ breakfast for many households

Other super breakfast ideas

  • Eggs – Scrambled, dippy or poached are 3 of the healthiest ways to have your eggs. Eggs are a fabulous source of protein and contain a wealth of nutrients that can aid in keeping us healthy. Top a slice of wholegrain toast with your favourite egg style for a filling, nutritious breakfast.
  • The healthiest continental – a slice of sourdough toast, topped with a slice of lean ham, a tomato chopped or sliced with a drizzle of olive oil and a scatter of basil leaves.
  • Mushrooms on toast – chestnut and portobello make a tasty choice. Lightly pan fried with a squeeze of lemon juice, seasoning and mix with a tablespoon of half fat creme fraiche.
  • Enjoy Naturally light with your breakfast, refreshing and only 53 calories per glass
  • Del Monte tinned fruit in juice served with low fat natural yoghurt with a sprinkle of muesli or oats on top.
  • For something different – half an avocado,squeeze of lemon juice, half a red chilli, mixed together and served on a slice of spelt toast. 
  • Variety is key – so when you have some extra time, maybe at the weekend nothing beats a full ‘grilled’ English breakfast. Grilled lean bacon, lightly roasted vine tomatoes, scrambled eggs and pan fried mushrooms.

Super Easy Granola Recipe

200g Oats
½ tbs honey
50g pecans, broken into pieces
25g sunflower seeds
25g pumpkin seeds


  • Heat the oven to 150 c
  • Combine the ingredients really well, so everything gets a good coating of honey.
  • Place on a baking tray and spread out with a spatula
  • Then place in the middle of the oven.
  • After about 10 mins give the granola a good stir
  • After another 10 mins the granola should be done, just keep an eye on it as you want it toasted.
  • When cool store in an air tight container
Super Easy Granola Recipe
Juliette Grove

Juliette Grove

Nutritional Therapist

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